Situational Dialogue

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Hent Flash for at se afspilleren

Elsa: Hei, if it isn´t Susan. Great to see you. How are you getting along?

Susan: Great to see you to. Fine, and how about you. What´s new?

Elsa: Well, let me see -  did you hear that Will and Ann got divorced?

Susan: No, I´m sorry to hear that.

Elsa: And did anyone tell you that Ann got sacked?

Susan: Really, how awful for her!

Elsa: And I´ve been told that she has had to move to a small flat in the suburbs!

Susan: Is that so; how dreadful. Poor thing. I must contact her some day
           And what about you? Any news?

Elsa:  Well, you see - the company has offered me a promotion.

Susan: Oh, congratulations. You deserve it, I´m sure.

Elsa: Well, yes, but the thing is - They are offering me Ann´s job!

Susan: I get your point. What a difficult situation to find yourself in!

Elsa: Indeed, and - I don´t know how to put this to you - but a month ago I found the love of my life.

Susan: That is wonderful for you Elsa. That must be a great help for you now.

Elsa: As a matter of fact no, - the thing is... my new boyfriend is Will.

Susan: Oh dear, oh dear...

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